The Real Kabakov - Alnis Stakle / Photographer

Ilya Kabakov created School No.6 in 1993 as a gift to the Chinati Foundation in Marfa, TX. The work occupies an entire building and is subdivided into rooms reminiscent of an abandoned schoolhouse from the former Soviet Union. The key here is the word "reminiscent."


Alnis Stakle is a photographer that lives in Latvia, a former Republic of the Soviet Union. Stakle has created a series of work  called Ex Pride that presents actual abandoned spaces from the post-Soviet era. Stakle writes: 

The photographs present interiors of these factories and constitute subjective visual research about former pride. The essence of this body of work portrays the environment of the seemingly lifeless factories that have a continued inner quiet life.… Noise of dropping water, wind in broken windows, old posters and documents, books from soviet times, personal belongings of workers....

Stakle presents something new and different to western photography as we know it in the United States. He presents work that is of another place that is generally not known to many. It has its beauty despite its uncomfortable nature. Stakle's newer series presents a remarkable use of color/light and composition. 

The photographer received first place in the Architecture section (series Lost: Paris), Sony Wolrd Photography Award in 2011.  His work is included in many books and discussions of contemporary Latvian/Eastern European art.

Stakle is represented by inde/jacobs in Marfa TX. His work is available in digital format in various sizes and editions. More of his work can be seen at