Progess - Lights test

One small step for inde/jacobs. After spending at least 200 hours searching for lights that would be appropriate for the gallery design, I think that we've got it. Recessed halogens. So the gallery received its first strip of drywall on the ceiling and the placement of the lights began. Of course the space will have rows that meet at 90 degree angles and I wanted the rows to meet at specific lights rather than seem scattered. So we place the anchor lights and went from there. The single 48' row of 17 lights introduces differences in "gaps" from 36" - 33-5/8. These differences are not visible to the naked eye as you stand below. This was another fascinating lesson for me - the need to make slight adjustments to placement in order to achieve an overall effect. The deliberations and decisions made in this building - really necessary - but surprisingly complex (for a minimalist design).