Back to the Gallery - A new Approach

There are tradeoffs for everything. The excruciatingly slow construction process has its benefits. It allows for a slow exploration of the building, related spaces - what works, what doesn't work, what might be rethought. 

This past weekend, I showed the space to the landscape architect Martin Mosko of MARPA (Boulder CO.) See: We walked through the space & I explained the architectural concepts of the building designed by Claesson Koivisto Rune - including the forced perspective created in the exterior courtyard. Martin called me back the next day with an idea.

The specifics of the plan are difficult to explain without drawings and photographs. But, suffice it to say, Martin suggested an entirely new "approach" to the building. Instead of having visitors simply rush into the gallery, he suggested a new journey that slows them down. He suggests that we bring the visitor deeper into the exterior courtyard - to a new front door. This allows/forces the visitor to experience the architect's concept of elongated perspective. 

The new approach would also create a new experience within the gallery space. We rarely think about the "flow" of a building. What is revealed and how? But, CKR has created incredible spaces. In fact, they are so good that the gallery would stand alone without any art. One can rarely say this about any building.

Martin's ideas of the new "approach" have been presented to the architects. We are dedicated to presenting their vision of the space to the best of our abilities. I await a response with anticipation.

I thank Martin Mosco of MARPA for his brilliant vision. It is extremely generous for him to provide input when he has not been involved in the project. Insightful!

Although the construction of the building has taken years, these added years have allowed contemplation. The building has a life of its own and is revealing itself, so that it may be one of the most interesting pieces of new construction in Marfa, W Tx and beyond.